This project is an endeavor to bring into public domain stories of the Sikhs that have acquired a formidable position in the twenty-first century.

The objective is to document the Sikh success and the Sikh impactful stories across the globe. It is by no means an easy task and perhaps has never been undertaken by any community until now, thus making it indeed a unique project. A project that is unique not only from the perspective of storytelling but also anthropologically besides possessing unmatched archival value.

The Global Sikh Trail is a mammoth exercise as it brings together stories about the Sikhs from a wide gamut of disciplines including politics, arts, music, food, theatre, sports, films business, entrepreneurship, Information Technology, academics, agriculture, media, medicine, amongst others. It strives to maintain equality between the two genders as well a heady blend of the young and the experienced.

The project envisages documenting the journeys of the Sikh men and women by way of interviews and research. The purpose is to turn this project into one of a kind, which can become part of future studies, document Sikh success stories in challenging times, as well as serve as strong reference material.

The project at a later stage will take the shape of coffee table volumes.