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Dr. Mohinder Grewal

The GPS Man   Early Life The headline above perfectly encapsulates the exact thought that came to my mind when someone asked me if I had heard about Professor Mohinder Grewal – one of the most important men who steered navigation to where it stands today. Truthfully, I could have never imagined that there would …

Mohinder Grewal: The Professor who doesn't let you get lost.

January 13, 2024

Rabbi Shergill

Whispers of The Strings: Rabbi Shergill’s Lyrical Odyssey.   Do we really have to do this? At first, there were signs of hesitation to indulge in a conversation of which he was the subject. When one has been written, interviewed, and talked about over and over again, the idea of striking up yet another ‘up …

Rabbi Shergill

August 19, 2023

Gurujot Singh Khalsa :Sultan of Outsourcing and Off-shoring

This interview with Gurujot S Khalsa is from 2005 when I was working on my book, Sikhs Unlimited. This interview holds significant historical importance in the context of Offshoring and Outsourcing, and it should be shared on The Global Sikh Trail, despite many changes that might have occurred since then.   Sterling, Virginia , USA …

Sultan of Outsourcing and Off-shoring

July 15, 2023

From Rangwalas to Berger Paints

The Remarkable Journey of Kuldip Singh and Gurbachan Singh Dhingra “This is where it all started,” says Kuldip Singh Dhingra, pointing to a black and white 1941 photograph on the wall of his study. It is a photograph of a well-to-do Sikh family gathered in the front courtyard of their haveli, clearly dressed in their …

Kuldip and Gurbachan Singh Dhingra

July 7, 2023

King of Bhangra Pop- Channi Singh (OBE)

  This interview was conducted in 2005 when I was working on my first book,  “Sikhs Unlimited.” Although significant changes may have transpired in the life of the protagonist since then (was conferred with the Order of the British Empire in 2011), it remains a pivotal interview due to its invaluable contribution to understanding the …

Channi Singh OBE

June 30, 2023


The Legacy of the Luxury Hotelier It is a sunny winter afternoon when my taxi rolls into the sprawling seventy-acre Oberoi Farms in Delhi-Gurgaon’s Kapashera area. After a long and winding tree-lined drive, I am courteously led into a well-appointed study; the study of a man whom the world knows as, and calls, the last …


June 3, 2023

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Renowned as an esteemed economist and statesman, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the 13th Prime Minister of India, has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the global economic and political arena. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential personalities worldwide. Throughout his career, Dr. Singh has dedicated himself to serving his country and consistently …

The Economist Statesman:Dr.Manmohan Singh

May 8, 2023

Dr Gagandeep Kang

Sprightly microbiologist and virologist, Dr Gagandeep Kang, also known as the ‘Vaccine Godmother of India’, led the nation’s fight against Covid-19. At the forefront when crisis was rife, she believes education is the route to progress A lifetime dedicated to research for the betterment of public health sector, Dr Gagandeep Kang is known as the …

Dr Gagandeep Kang

November 2, 2022

Narinder Singh Kapany

Art collector, engineer, entrepreneur, farmer, innovator, inventor, philanthropist, and physicist are many of the labels used to describe Dr Narinder Singh Kapany. Yet, he was much more than even being a sum of all these. Singularly responsible for revolutionising modern communications, lasers, biomedical instrumentation, solar energy, even pollution monitoring, Kapany amassed patents and turned them …

December 12, 2021

Hardev Singh

Hardev Singh is a man who has turned lights into sagas, hotels into romantic journeys and pictures into art. In a career spanning close to forty years, he has neither lost focus nor the passion. Neither complacent nor arrogant, he views success as a result of sheer love for what he does.


March 4, 2019

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