The Futurist Technologist

Khushwant Singh

Gurdeep Singh Pall Corporate Vice President, Business AI, Microsoft Corp.

Gurdeep says there are three key areas of AI for Microsoft: One of them is building platforms so that others can write AI systems on top of platforms. The second is to make Microsoft Office and its other programs much more intelligent. An example of that is Skype Translator. The third pillar of AI, which Gurdeep now leads, is the application of AI in new businesses. He was appointed corporate vice president, Business AI, Microsoft in early 2017. His core assignment is to develop AI to levels where it can help business functions like predicting of macro-economic indicators, virtual support agents, robotics, and Machine Reading and Comprehension (imagine computers reading instruction manuals and technical documents). Gurdeep’s new job involves working with world’s leading Mathematicians, Computer Scientists, Economists, Designers, and Ethicists, in addition to of course Software Engineers. The intellectual intoxication and immense societal implications of this work are what makes him spring out of bed each morning.

In a career spanning twenty-seven years, Gurdeep has played a significant role in the development of Internet and real-time communications. However, his present role is critical to the world, as a large chunk of his work will determine whether Artificial Intelligence ebbs the human, or become that Jeeves which every human has aspired to have.

We hope for the latter as Gurdeep predicts that Artificial Intelligence will change the way of the world in this coming decade.

Khushwant Singh
  • Manpreet Singh